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Cover Reveal - Dance of Wings

I'm so excited to show you the cover for my next book, Dance of Wings (The Dragon Portal, #5)!

Dance of Wings is scheduled for a Summer 2023 release, but you can preorder it now and have it automatically delivered to your favorite ereader as soon as it's available.

About the Book:

Death awaits those who fly too close to the sun...

Something’s wrong with Sabine’s magic. The portal seals have begun to fracture, poisoning the magic of their world, and endangering those dependent upon it. Time is running out for Sabine and her companions to find the last artifact. A cryptic clue found in the underworld is their only lead. But the magical race entrusted with the relic’s safekeeping was annihilated by the dragons centuries earlier. Determined to find any trace of the mysterious artifact, Sabine agrees to face down the dragons in their own den. Can love withstand dragonfire? Sabine may have fallen for the charismatic dragon who captured her heart, but his people are harboring a deadly secret. The dragons have no intention of allowing Sabine to imprison them ever again. No matter the cost.

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