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One wrong decision, and the future will crumble…

Skye Levanthe traded everything she owned in order to secure a place for herself and her son, Veridian, in a scavenging camp.


But all contracts have an expiration date.


Desperate to obtain the resources they need to survive, Skye agreed to navigate the dangerous ruins of fallen cities to search for tradeable materials. When a strange storm forced Skye and her scavenging partner into forbidden territory controlled by The Omni Towers, a ruin collapsed, nearly taking their lives and destroying countless others.


Only one other person survived the ruin collapse: a mysterious young girl named Kayla.


Faced with the decision to save her son or abandon her new foster daughter to a terrible fate, Skye agreed to the only possible course of action—to go into exile and take on the Omni traders in their own den.


No one ever said survival would be easy.


And every choice has consequences.

Ruins of Fate (The Omni Towers, Prequel)

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