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Get your signed copy of Shadows and Twilight!


The only way for darkness to thrive is to destroy the light...


Sabine owes her life to the two demon brothers who helped keep her hidden from the Fae for the past ten years.


When she learns Dax has been forced back to the underworld to stand trial for his crimes against his brethren, Sabine races to their volcanic home to save him. Her magic will allow him to survive above ground, but it will require a sacrifice of epic proportions to bind him to her.


Only an ancient weapon of power can shatter the portal bindings...


The demons recognize Sabine as the true queen of the Unseelie, and they're determined to keep her for their own purposes. With her magic, they can escape the underworld and declare vengeance on those who oppose them.


But first, they must destroy all her ties to the light--including the man she loves.

Shadows and Twilight (The Dragon Portal, Book 4)

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