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Some visions are nightmares in disguise...
(A Standalone Fantasy Romance Novel)



Sofia is a prisoner, both in reality and in her dreams.


​Every night when she falls asleep, she dreams of both past and future events. Petitioners travel far and wide, offering her riches in the hopes she can give them some insight into their problems. Unfortunately, Sofia can never remember her dreams without help.


​Morpheus is her anchor to this reality, an owl who pulls her from visions and helps translate them. 


​Nothing is what it seems...

When an old woman seeks the Oracle's help after her grandson is poisoned, Sofia uncovers a plot that has far-reaching implications. With the help of a temple guard, she’s determined to break free from her gilded cage and discover the truth.


​Someone is determined to stop her visions.


​Even if they must kill the Oracle to do it.

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