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The Silver Forest harbors more than the Fae...


The Dragon Portal Series: Book 6


Sabine and her companions managed to acquire the last artifact needed to reseal the Dragon Portal, but the only clue to the portal’s hidden location rests in Faerie. The Seelie and Unseelie are divided, and Sabine is at the heart of a centuries’ old feud. 

Sabine fled from her home after being framed for her mother’s death. The truth and illusions from that night are tangled in a web of lies. 

The only certainty is that Sabine’s family wants her dead—at any cost.

A love forged in dragonfire may be the key to saving their world…

Lachlina, the goddess who agreed to help Sabine seal the portal, is harboring her own secrets. 

Sabine isn’t the first person to have made a pact with the renegade goddess.

But this time, Lachlina believes she’s found a suitable sacrifice to help her escape from her prison forever.

Her only living blood descendant... Sabine.

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