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Someone's hunting fairies...
(A Standalone Fantasy Romance Novel)



Jezzie wasn’t thrilled with her brother's idea of entering a scavenger hunt sponsored by humans. It wasn’t as though winning was going to be difficult. After all, sneaking around and stealing from humans was one of the things fairies did best.


Getting around the disapproving Fairy Elders, however, would require a bit more creativity.


What’s life without a challenge?


Mitch Harlow is a human, and he’s considering buying Otherworld Entertainment. Ever since the portal to the Otherworld collapsed and infused their world with magical creatures, the humans had been clamoring to learn more about their newest visitors—especially the elusive and secretive fairies. Their newest scavenger hunt show is a hot commodity, and Mitch is eager to get his hands on it—and on the feisty fairy who’s intent on causing trouble.


When Jezzie’s brother mysteriously goes missing and the contest sponsors refuse to release her from her contract, Jezzie’s determined to make them regret their decision—even if it costs her everything.


Unfortunately, Jezzie’s brother isn’t the first fairy to disappear.


Someone’s hunting fairies, and it looks like Jezzie’s next.

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