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Nightmares lurk in the shadows...
The Dragon Portal Series: Prequel


The Unseelie queen has been murdered--and Sabine is being framed for her death.

Princess Sabin'theoria is the heir to the Unseelie throne. Under the cover of night, she's lured into the forest where she witnesses the brutal death of her mother.

A fine line between truth and illusion…

With the Wild Hunt in pursuit and the fae seeking vengeance for their queen's death, Sabine must flee her homeland if she hopes to survive long enough to claim her throne.

After all, no one accuses the Seelie king of regicide and expects to survive.

Escape from Faerie is the prequel to The Dragon Portal series. It takes place approximately ten years before the first book, To Kill a Fae. It can be read at any point in the series.

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